Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne in '92: 'There's No Chance of Me Rejoining Black Sabbath'When a rock star says "This is my last _____," or "I'll never work with ______ again," it usually comes back to haunt them. Minimation: Robert Plant Enjoys a Young FanbaseAppealing to a younger demographic is difficult, but Robert Plant tells us how he did exactly that in the '80s.
Ozzy Osbourne Gets Healthy, Breaks Ankle: MinimationThe injury happened in 1992, just after he put himself on the path to sobriety. Oh, the irony. Minimation: Jimmy Page, Book CriticHint: Never ever ever ask Jimmy Page about any unauthorized Led Zeppelin books. Minimation: Slash Gets 'The Call' From Michael Jackson [Part 1]Slash recalls the phone call from the King of Pop.
Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne and the Difficulties of Staying Sober"I'm on the edge all the time," the Ozzman said. Not having beers didn't help the situation. Minimation: The Rolling Stones' 'New Guy' Ron Wood on Joining the BandSaid Ron Wood to Mick Jagger, "If you really get desperate, and you need me, find me wherever I am in the world." This was in the days before social media and cell phones. Somehow, they tracked him down. Minimation: Fall Out Boy Get Elton John BloodyFall Out Boy shot an effects-heavy music video with Elton John. Their instructions: don't get fake blood on Sir Elton's face. Guess what happened? Minimation: Charlie Watts on the Rolling Stones' High Tech Stage ShowBack in the day, just having a ramp on stage was a big deal. Oh, how things would change. Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne Deals with Overzealous Concert SecurityHeavy metal audiences aren't always the easiest to deal with if you're a security guard. But when the hired muscle at concerts gets too rough with the fans, Ozzy steps in. Minimation: Ron Wood Recalls Mick Taylor Quitting the Rolling StonesHe did it at a party that he attended with Mick Jagger and his eventual replacement, Ron Wood. Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne's Infamous HaircutWould you recognize Ozzy without his long hair?

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