Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne Remembers Randy RhoadsAfter Rhoads died in a plane crash, Ozzy considered retiring. Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne says 'I Believe in God'Ozzy Osbourne discusses how he is stereotyped in this 1992 interview.
Minimation: John Oates on the Bonnaroo 2013 SuperjamJohn Oates and Jim James assembled a Bonnaroo Superjam for the ages.
Minimation: Nils Lofgren Bounces Into Bruce Springsteen's E Street BandThis story includes a trampoline. So, when we say "bounce," we mean it.
Minimation: Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman Talk About the Rolling Stones' FutureMind you, this interview took place in 1977.
Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne Calls Out 'People' for Glorifying John Lennon's Killer"I hope they don't turn on the press, because you'll soon change your attitude," Ozzy said of the press putting a convicted murderer on the cover of "People."
Minimation: Beastie Boys Battle Sasquatch, Poison Meatballs and Venomous WormsIt turns out, the Beastie Boys had a lot of enemies.
Minimation: John Lennon on Sneaking Out to Party During the Beatles' First U.S. TripLennon tried to disguise himself, but he noted that no matter what he wore, "the nose was always the giveaway!"
Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne in '92: 'There's No Chance of Me Rejoining Black Sabbath'When a rock star says "This is my last _____," or "I'll never work with ______ again," it usually comes back to haunt them. Minimation: Robert Plant Enjoys a Young FanbaseAppealing to a younger demographic is difficult, but Robert Plant tells us how he did exactly that in the '80s.
Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne and the Difficulties of Staying Sober"I'm on the edge all the time," the Ozzman said. Not having beers didn't help the situation. Minimation: Ozzy Osbourne Deals with Overzealous Concert SecurityHeavy metal audiences aren't always the easiest to deal with if you're a security guard. But when the hired muscle at concerts gets too rough with the fans, Ozzy steps in.

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