'iZombie' Recap Episode 13: Taking Things to the Super MaxIt's the season finale of iZombie, and you know what that means: this is the episode where Blaine quotes the Rolling Stones and calls himself "the Mick Jagger here." It's Blaine's World.
'iZombie' Recap Episode 12: I Know What You Did Last SummerTime for Liv to tell the truth, finally, but to the least consequential person she's been keeping her zombie secret from.
'iZombie' Recap Episode 11: Is This the Real Life?Eating a mentally unstable brain wrecks havoc on Liv's grip on reality.
'iZombie' Recap Episode 10: The Fall Out of a Dead BoyfriendThis week's most pressing question: why don't Liv and Dr. Ravi just tell everyone about the existence of zombies?
'iZombie' Episode 9 Recap: The Demands of the Zombie 1%This is where the zombie 1% begins to ask themselves: what would you eat if you were a zombie with an unlimited budget?
'iZombie' Recap Episode 8: iZombie RatWhen two zombies meet in the bedroom, what do they get up to? In the iZombie-verse the answer, when the cameras are on anyway, is foot rubs.
'iZombie' Recap: Episode 7, Mommy BrainWhat is the scariest thing that could happen to a group of underage drinking teenagers in the woods? If you guessed bleeding pregnant woman stumbling over and asking for help, you win a zombie bite. Read this week's iZombie recap.
iZombie Recap: Episode 6 It Was Worth ItLiv eats the rancid brains of a 300 lb. internet troll and Blaine kills his Cougar. Worlds come closer and closer to intersecting.
'iZombie' Recap: Everyone's a ZombieDrinking shots of tequila and skydiving is a bad idea, but it's how this week's episode starts so you know we're in for something gory.
iZombie Recap: Episode 4, Fresh Brains, Frozen MinionsEpisode 4 of 'iZombie' is titled 'Liv and Let Clive,' and it kicks off with some sex.
iZombie Recap: Episode 3, 'The Exterminator'On 'iZombie' this week, Liv learns to suppress her feelings by eating brains, and we learn that going hungry for a zombie is the point of no return.
Spooky TV Shows Are On the Rise: 5 To Watch Out ForThe return of 'The X-Files' is the latest in a new string of spooky TV shows. Here are five to pay attention to, from 'iZombie' to a new version of 'Let The Right One In.'

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