Gregg Allman on the Allman Brothers Band: 'We Are Not Breaking Up' The bandleader disputed rumors that the Allmans would be breaking up after this year.
My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way Requests Letters FansWant to send a hand-written note to Gerard Way? He's set up a new P.O. Box for fans to reach him in a more personal way. Follow his rules and don't send anything weird.
Why My Chemical Romance's Legacy Is Cemented In Rock HistoryBecause MCR helped pave the way for many bands and meant as much as they did to a fanbase that even had its own weekly Twitter chats, the band's placement in rock history is at least assured.
My Chemical Romance Break Up: Gerard & Mikey Way Explain WhyStunned by the news of MCR's breakup, the band's rabid legion of fans quickly raised questions, and theories began to swirl. In an attempt to explain the band’s sudden demise, members took to social media to share their thoughts.

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