By Scott T. Sterling

Country singer Cam has opened up on her thoughts regarding gun control across America, particularly in light of the tragic shooting incident at the Route 91 music fest in Vegas this year.

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Cam attended the Vegas Strong concert and spent time with Route 91 survivors.

“I got to meet with the ER staff, got to hang out at the radio stations‚Ķ and one girl said, ‘Before this, I never was really proud to be from Las Vegas, there wasn’t really anything‚Ķ.’ Now, after we watched how everyone came together, she’s so proud. She’ll be proud for the rest of her life, to be from Las Vegas,” Cam shared with Rolling Stone. “Because even though I know the headlines were like this horrible moment in time, all the good completely outweighs it, when you actually go hear all the stories.”

The singer says America’s debate over gun control is an ongoing conversation, one that includes country music artists and fans.

“We think of fans as family,” she said. “I think the next step that you think of is how concerned everyone is for security. [T]hen the next part is gun control and talking about what that means. I think people are realizing the divisiveness over, like, when people are trying to make it like someone’s trying to take away your guns. Nobody’s trying to take away guns. Eighty percent of gun owners believe that there should be background checks.”

Cam is among a group of artists and music industry executives that signed a 2016 open letter to Congress after the mass killings at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub that June. It’s an association that some fans don’t appreciate.

“People wanted to come on Twitter and come at me for backing background checks,” Cam explained. “And the thing is, the overall narrative becomes ‘which side are you on?’ As if there’s a side to a completely multifaceted thing. I hope that people can start seeing through that. What you realize is that there is something we can all agree on, and it’s just that nobody should be able to walk in and buy that many guns. We do it for Sudafed! We can come up with a couple basic things, and it’s not anti-guns. I’m coming from a household that has guns. I think not letting politics divide everyone is hopefully where we’re headed.”

Cam, who is working on her upcoming sophomore album, can be seen next week when she takes part in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23).


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