‘It’s Time For Straight Talk’ With Scotty McCreery, RaeLynn and Locash

All this month we’ll be checking in with your favorite country artists out on the road as part of the “It’s Time For Straight Talk” series. In this first installment we talk music, touring and staying connected with fans and loved ones with Scotty McCreery, RaeLynn, and the members of LoCash.

Scotty McCreery is currently gearing up for the release of his third album.  The just-engaged American Idol alum says on the release, “The biggest difference with this album and any other record is that it’s so personal. Unless things change, every song on the record will be written by me.” His new album will be coming for fans in the Spring of 2018. No doubt with the new album will also come more time out on the road, he explains how it’s important for him to stay in touch with his fiancé and family while he’s away from home.

RaeLynn released her debut album WildHorse earlier this year and has been all over the country playing for fans ever since.  She describes her music as country pop because of the artists she listened to growing up. “I’m a product of my generation, I grew up listening to Destiny’s Child and Dolly Parton, legit,” RaeLynn explains. “Everyone that’s my age not only listens to one genre.” She also opened up about the best way she keeps in touch with her fans, “I love to connect with them and I couldn’t do that unless I had [access] to social media.” She adds, “They don’t even realize how much they mean to me sometimes.”

The members of LoCash live a life of touring and performing every night on the road while balancing staying connected to their family at home . The guys explained how they stay on track with being good dads and staying in touch while they’re away. Chris Lucas said, “We connect with our family as much as possible, I’m talking 5 or 6 times a day.” Preston Brust added, “It goes on and on because all we have out here is our phone.”

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