Dave Grohl’s Christopher Walken Impression is Spot On

By Scott T. Sterling

Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl is a man of many talents.

From drumming for ’90s rock legends Nirvana to fronting the Foo Fighters, Grohl is a rock renaissance man who can seemingly do it all. Now we can add Christopher Walken impersonator to Grohl’s list of talents, following a recent interview with England’s Radio X.

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Grohl’s Walken impersonation surfaced when he discussed meeting the legendary actor when they were both appearing on a 2003 episode of Saturday Night Live.

When Walken asked Grohl if the emphasis in the band’s name was on the first word or the second, Grohl quickly told him to emphasize “Fighters,” knowing how it would sound in the actor’s very distinctive voice.

Watch the very funny video below.

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