Weather, Vocal Issues Derail Lorde & Liam Gallagher at Lollapalooza

By Hayden Wright

Lorde and Liam Gallagher both cut their Lollapalooza sets short yesterday, albeit for very different reasons. After three songs of her headlining gig, stage managers alerted Lorde that a severe thunderstorm warning was in effect in Chicago that forced organizers to evacuate the city’s Grant Park, where the event was held. Gallagher, on the other hand, aborted his set after 20 minutes because his voice was “f—–.”

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Both described themselves as “gutted.”

“F—s sake. i am so gutted guys i don’t know what to tell you,” Lorde tweeted after the bad news. “they’ve told us we can’t play. i had the most spectacular show planned for you and i PROMISE i will come back to play it as soon as i can.”

Lorde promised fans she’s “looking at a club show” to make up for the snafu. Gallagher got through more of his set but sent fans into a tizzy when he cut it short. He abandoned the stage in the middle of “Greedy Soul” but his band kept playing, obviously not sure what was happening.

“Sorry to the people who turned up for the gig in Chicago lollapalooza had a difficult gig last night which f—— my voice,” he tweeted. “I’m gutted LG,” Gallagher tweeted.

Fans weren’t quite as sympathetic to Gallagher’s excuse. Some members of the crowd began chanting “F— you, Liam,” NME reports. One concertgoer took credit for Liam’s departure because she brought an “I ❤ U NOEL” sign.

In any event, everyone at Lollapalooza was “gutted” last night. F-bombs all around, too. See the tweets, video from Liam’s appearance and a picture of that trolling sign below.

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