The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ will be Remixed Next

By Hayden Wright

Giles Martin, son of legendary Beatles producer George Martin, painstakingly handled the remix of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for its 50th anniversary, but he’s not finished. Next on his agenda: The White Album.

“That was when they started becoming properly indulgent,” he told BBC Radio 6. “There are so many takes of ‘Sexy Sadie’, for instance. The efficiency went slightly out the window.”

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Since these iconic albums hold up on their own today, you might wonder why Martin bothers remixing them in stereo. He says it’s about reaching a new generation of Beatles fans.

“My motivation – when I tell my kids or grandkids about this album that changed the face of pop music, you want them to put it on a go, ‘Yeah, I get it!’ rather than, ‘This sounds a bit old.’ It’s getting that balance between trying to provide people what they want. There’s quite a lot of stuff.”

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