Lorde’s Playlist Features Kendrick Lamar, Future, More

By Hayden Wright

Lorde’s sophomore album Melodrama drops June 16, and New Zealand’s musical prodigy shared a hand-curated Spotify playlist to promote it. The Homemade Dynamite playlist features Kendrick Lamar, Future, Bon Iver and more artists on rotation at Lorde’s house.

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All in all, it’s an eclectic mix. Lorde throws all the way back to Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang,” while incorporating contemporary sounds from Santigold and Childish Gambino. Lorde tweeted that she’ll regularly update the playlist with her latest musical fixations, so stay tuned for even more suggestions from her personal library.

Check out Lorde’s “bomb s—” playlist here:

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