Liam Gallagher: ‘Damon Albarn Turned Noel ‘Into a Massive Girl’

On a less miserable note, listen to a stream of Gorillaz 'Humanz.'

By Hayden Wright

Liam Gallagher’s two favorite things (besides Liam Gallagher) are drama and Twitter, and the new Gorillaz album is a perfect opportunity for him to indulge in both.

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His brother Noel guests on the virtual band’s “We Got the Power” and it’s a profound appearance for fans of Blur and Oasis. The two bands were locked in a legendary late-90s rivalry, so getting Damon Albarn (of Blur) and Noel (of Oasis) on the same track buries a proxy hatchet.

Liam says the track doesn’t live up to David Bowie and Mick Jagger’s cover of “Dancing in the Streets,” a purely arbitrary standard that must’ve sounded good to him at the time. In hindsight, that could be the cheesiest moment in both artists’ careers.

“Now that d— out of Blur and the creepy one out of Oasis need to hang their heads in shame as it’s no ‘Dancing In The Streets’ – as you were,” he tweeted. “That gobs—e out of Blur might have turned Noel Gallagher into a massive girl but believe you me, next time I see him there’s gonna be war.”

Sassy! On a less miserable note, the new Gorillaz album is available to stream in its entirety. Listen to Humanz (featuring a Noel Gallagher appearance) here:


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