Katy Perry Teases New Single with Cherry Pie Recipe

Or does the singer just really love cherry pie?

By Abby Hassler

Is Katy Perry simply showing off her baking skills or is the pop star about to release new music? The singer sent out a newsletter to her fans Monday (April 24) with the subject “World’s Best Cherry Pie” and a recipe for the sweet dessert in the body of the email.

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Some may think the “Roar” star wants to share her favorite treat with her adoring fan base, but other fans believe some of the less orthodox instructions may, in fact, be lyrics to a new single, reportedly titled “Bon Appétit.”

These lines include, “please just take your time,” “this pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy” and “calm those hungry eyes.”

A fan social media account posted a screenshot of the recipe, check it out below.


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