Amber Rose's conversation with RuPaul took an unexpected turn. Perhaps we should all start the day with "Analysis."

By Rahul Lal

How do you deal with haters, particularly when you’re a very polarizing public figure? That’s something Amber Rose often deals with and this week on Loveline with Amber Rose. Amber and Dr. Chris Donaghue welcomed a guest with decades of experience in this area: legendary drag queen RuPaul.

“A lot of people out there are looking for a reason to just talk and complain about stuff,” RuPaul said. “Especially being in the public eye, you realize there are certain licks you have to take. There are certain lashings that you have to take and a lot of times, there may be some credence to it but, for the most part, it’s just birds chirping.”

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And of course, that has been amplified with social media. “It brings negativity so now, what I do with my social media, I put it out into the universe and I just let it be,” Amber said. “I don’t look at no comments, I don’t look at the negativity like ‘Bald headed bitch,’ ‘That’s why your husband left you,’ ‘You never got your body back after the baby.’ I’ve seen so much negative stuff and I’m just like ‘Child, you guys are miserable and I’m popping.’ I don’t even look at that stuff anymore and it’s good.”

Partially due to his co-hosting duties on Loveline, Dr. Chris has been experiencing his own influx of haters. RuPaul’s advice on how to deal with that was somewhat surprising: “I’m not religious, I’m not Christian or anything but I pray,” he said. “The act of prayer, when you get down on your knees and even if you just say two words like ‘Dear God,’ that disarms your ego and allows all of that ego stuff to just fall away. Then, after I stretch and pray, I will meditate and I’ll sit up and cross my legs. This, I got from the TV show Westworld, I’ll say ‘Analysis.’ Immediately, my body relaxes and I just let the thoughts flow through like a river and I’m sitting on the bank of a river just watching them go by but I’m not dipping my foot by to deal with them. I’m just being conscious of being conscious.”

“What I’ve started to do is collect different icons or symbols of different spiritual backgrounds and place them in different parts of my house so that I bump into them and am reminded,” revealed Dr. Chris. “On the kitchen there’s Kwan Yin sitting there and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, compassion.’ I have Ganesh in the living room and I’m like, ‘Allow transformation.’ Our world is so derailing at times so you have to have these symbols that ground you and remind you of who you’re trying to be.”

RuPaul had one more bit of wisdom: while he chooses to see the people who seem harsh and rude as good souls, it doesn’t mean that he has to give much stock to them.

“I go back to the term, ‘I don’t have time for the people who hate me, I’m too busy loving the people who love me,’” he expressed profoundly. “It’s an interesting focus to put it there because it goes back to the balance thing. If somebody says that you’re beautiful, believe them. If somebody says you’re ugly, do not believe them. It’s a healthy denial because if you are on this planet experiencing humanity, then you can do no wrong. I’m saying that across the board… think of it as a playground and experience and we’re all spirits who come here to experience humanity — good, bad, ugly, evil — all of it. Ultimately, when we leave here, we’re unchanged.”


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