Trace Adkins on Trump: ‘CNN, MSNBC and Fox Should Kiss His A– Every Day’

"He has made the 24-hour news cycle [into] reality television."

By Brian Ives

“I don’t really think that celebrities should be going out and spouting all their opinions like anybody cares,” Trace Adkins said while he was at the studios for an interview about his new album, Something’s Going On. “You’re never gonna hear that stuff onstage when I’m doing my shows. It’s not the place. You’re not gonna hear me go to an awards show and get up there and take that opportunity to grab the microphone and puke up whatever political opinion I may have. It’s not the place. So I only talk about it when somebody asks me, like you.”

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But given that he expressed some of his political views in his 2008 book, A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck, it felt appropriate to ask a question or two. Especially since, as a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, Adkins has a bit of insight into the leader of the free world. So, we asked his take on President Trump.

“My head’s spinning just like everybody else’s is,” Adkins said. “It’s been a whirlwind. You know what? CNN, MSNBC, Fox should kiss his a– every day, because he has made the 24-hour news cycle [into] reality television. It always kinda has been, of course, because they’re always talking about current stuff, real life stuff.”

“But man, now it’s almost like EDtv; remember that movie? Matthew McConaughey [plays the main character] and they follow him around? That’s what it’s like now, man. They are on him 24/7. He’s turned it into EDtv, man, it’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

These days, it feels like it’s difficult to keep up with the news: there are so many different storylines in this administration.

“I think honestly we’ve always been divided,” he reasons. “But man, now we are daily getting crazier and crazier and crazier. We’ve always been divided, but we’ve never been this crazy. People are just nuts. Everybody needs to calm down, man, chill out. It’s gonna be all right. We need to calm down before somebody gets hurt.”

“I’d said he wouldn’t run. I was totally wrong about that. I said, ‘He’s not gonna run.’ And then when he finally did officially, I went ‘Wow.’ Then I thought he wouldn’t stay in [the race] very long, and then he did. Then I thought, you know what, man? He’s like Andrew Jackson. And he was crazy. I said this a year and a half ago: ‘We haven’t had a crazy man in the White House since Andrew Jackson. Maybe it’s about time we had another one.'”

“And here we are. We got Andrew Jackson again. Andrew Jackson, he killed people. He killed a guy in a duel. This guy, he walked the walk. The Supreme Court ruled against him one time, and he said, ‘Well, he ruled against me. Now let him try to enforce it.’ He didn’t care. He would just do what he wanted to do. Yeah, he was something, man.”

Unlike past presidents, Trump doesn’t seem to appreciate being spoofed: whereas George H.W. Bush enjoyed Dana Carvey’s take on him on Saturday Night Live, Trump famously doesn’t appreciate Alec Baldwin’s impression of him.

“It’s hard,” Adkins says of being in the public eye. “I think sometimes that I have pretty thick skin until you start seeing some of the vicious things and just vile things that people say about you. It takes a little bite. I don’t know how some people can just completely ignore that stuff. Nobody likes to hear people say things like that about ’em, man. I don’t, and that’s the reason I don’t look at it [on social media] anymore. I just quit looking at it, because it’s just too nasty. I don’t want those people to get the satisfaction of thinking that I saw anything that they wrote about me, so I don’t look at it anymore.”

It’s something that surely some of the President’s advisors probably wish he’d try.



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