Cam’s Advice: ‘Value All Those Things That Make You Different’

Cam learned to stop worrying and enjoy the things that make her unique.

By Brian Ives

One of country music’s most exciting artists is Cam, who hit the scene with her now-classic “Burning House.” Everything from her home (California) to her hair (curly) seems to make her stand out from most country singers. But she tells that while she used to feel self-conscious about being different, now she embraces it.

“I used to straighten my hair when I was younger, ’cause I thought that was how I was supposed to be, and everybody straightened their hair. And then when you start to get to the point where like, ‘You know, I like having curly hair, and I like being different.'”

“In the beginning when you first start out, the things that make you different in any aspect of life, make you so nervous. You’re like, ‘I don’t have all the same things that everybody does; I’m not from Oklahoma. What am I gonna do?’ And then as you get past that tipping point of people saying they really like your music, all of a sudden you start to realize you really value all those things that do make you different. Just embrace all that stuff. You’re gonna be really grateful for it later.

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“And that process of learning how to accept who you are as an artist [is important]. A lot of times you’re trying to figure out who you are as a writer and as a singer; we all grow up singing other people’s music. When you’re a writer, you first start writing things that kinda sound like all the people that you’ve heard, and as you start developing your sound, you’re deciding who you wanna be, and it’s a really intense process to look at yourself and say, ‘Man, who really am I?'”

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