T.I. Slams Donald Trump Over Snoop Dogg Response

By Amanda Wicks

Snoop Dogg has thus far remained quiet about President Trump’s Twitter reaction to his politically charged music “Lavender.” But T.I. has something to say about it.

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The rapper posted an extended response on Instagram, calling out Trump and defending Snoop’s artistry and political perspective. “@snoopdogg is a F–in- Legend u F—ing Tangerine Tanned Muskrat scrotum skin, Lacefront Possum fur Wig wearing, Alternative fact, Atomic Dog diarrhea face a– man!!!!” he wrote in the caption. “Leave our legends names out ya f—in old a– puppy p— smelling a– mouth & continue to focus on dividing minorities, building barriers, alienating immigrants, &f—in this country up like u been doin.”

In Snoop’s latest visual, he shoots a fake gun at a fake Trump dressed to resemble an orange clown. Trump tweeted that had Snoop, “failing career and all,” made a similar video about Obama, he would’ve received jail time. Besides Trump, Florida Senator Marco Rubio–who squared off against Trump in the Republican primary–also criticized the video.

Along with other rappers, T.I. has long been opposed to Trump. He even brought his children out to the November 9th protests in New York City to teach them about democracy and freedom of speech.

Read Tip’s full tirade below.


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