Amber Rose on Arizona’s Noah Dyer, Body Odor and Advice for Exotic Dancers

By Rahul Lal

On this week’s episode of Play.It’s Loveline with Amber Rose, Amber and co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue explored the idea that different people have different levels of comfort with different levels of cleanliness in a relationship. Amber revealed that she actually enjoys for sexual partners to have a bit of body odor or be a little dirty rather than fresh out of the shower and squeaky clean.

“People always say ‘Ew’ but I like a little ‘B.O.’ on a guy,” she said proudly. “I like the smell of balls too. It’s just sexy. I don’t know, a little musty smell like if they were just playing ball or something is hot. I’m serious, it kinda turns me on… that’s how I feel about giving head to a guy who’s a little musty, it doesn’t bother me. There have been guys who have been out all day and they’re like ‘No, I’m sweaty and let me just go get in the shower’ and I don’t feel that way. I’m like ‘Yo, don’t wash all that goodness off, I like it.’ I like that s—.”

Which is not to say that cleanliness isn’t a priority.  “The thing with a vagina is that it’s open. If you have hair down there, you’ll have more of a smell. Not necessarily fishy or anything but more like a musty smell… with my ex-husband, we didn’t really care. It wasn’t weird but it wasn’t stinky though. It was never stinky. It was always just like ‘Hey, we’ve been out all day, f— it.’ But, it wasn’t like an odor that overwhelms you and it was just uncomfortable. It was just like the natural sweat and secretions.”

As she was being open about her own body and preferences, Dr. Chris brought up the case of Noah Dyer, a Democrat who is running to be the Governor of Arizona in 2018. Dyer decided to air out his own dirty laundry instead of letting anybody else cause any controversies by exposing his sexual history. On his own website, Dyer revealed that he’s taken part in open relationships, group sex, sex with married women and much more. Aside from that, he also stated he has unpaid college debt, was homeless and has used credit card cash advances to pay child support. While controversial, Amber believed it was refreshing to see honesty like this in politics.

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“That’s amazing,” she said. “What [politicians] do is they say they hate gay people, they’ve been virgins, they’ve been with their wives forever and then they lie and all their lives come out and people are appalled. It’s just like, be who you f—ing are, everybody has sex, everyone is human, so who cares?”

Dr. Chris wasn’t sure whether people are ready for this level of honesty just yet. “I love the idea that if he’s that confident and he’s that forthcoming, the idea, I think, is that ‘I’m just a very trustworthy guy and I’m not going to hide anything from you,’” he said. “It’s interesting to see people’s responses. The jury is still out on knowing if people are still going to vote for him knowing that. I don’t know if it’ll work for him or against him. I love the idea of voting in office for people that have lived life and gone out there and done some s—. You’re going to really understand the world, you’re going to understand diversity.”

One caller asked Amber for advice on how to become a successful exotic dancer.

“Always remember, when you are an exotic dancer, it’s never about you, It’s always about the customer,” she said. “They don’t want to hear your story, they don’t want to hear your sob story, they don’t want to hear when you broke up in your relationship, the s— that you’re going through that day, that’s when you suck it up and become a professional and you make it all about them. [Make it about] what they’ve been through, what’s going on in their life, act like you’re interested. Let them talk more than you talk, just listen to them and be interested as f— even when you’re not. Compliment them confidently. Every time they tell you about an accomplishment [say] ‘Wow, congratulations! That’s so amazing!’ Please, I used to have them eating out of my f—ing hand when I was a stripper.”

Listen to the full episode below.


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