Amber Rose: ‘My Valentine’s Day Sucked’

By Rahul Lal

Amber Rose has been in the news lately after she, unfortunately, had to deal with a breakup. On’s Loveline with Amber Rose, she and co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue discussed their Valentine’s Day festivities. For Dr. Chris, it was a fun and loving day but Amber spent alone. While she’s still hurting from her latest relationship’s end, she wants to treat the next stage in her life with some patience.

“Breaking up is really f—ing hard and especially during Valentine’s Day. I like the mushy s—, I like the cute s—, it kind of made it extra worse yesterday,” said Amber. “But today, I feel really good. I feel good and I feel like everything is a learning experience. I really don’t want to even try to take anyone serious. I don’t even want to try. I just want to work and have little pieces here and there. If I got somebody cool, we could watch a movie and s— but I really don’t want anything serious. I’m sick of opening my heart up for people and getting hurt and I can only f—ing take so much.”

Dr. Chris offered some advice for Amber, as he’s gotten to know her very well through the years.

“I like where you’re at, stay soft, don’t harden up over it. It’s part of it,” he told Amber. “The beautiful lesson is that a relationship’s value or success isn’t determined on its length or time. Not every relationship is meant to be months or years or forever and whether or not it was a successful relationship is whether or not you can look back and say you were a good partner or a good person.”

Even if Amber didn’t get to spend her Valentine’s Day with a partner, she did get the chance to spend it with loved ones like her best friend Blac Chyna who paid her a visit.

“My Valentine’s Day sucked,” she admitted before providing a description of her day. “I called my tattoo artist to come over because I was working on my sleeve. He came over and gave me a super bad a– tattoo. I slept so great last night. The first part of the day I was like ‘F—, this sucks. This is horrible.’ Then, Chyna came over early in the morning, like 7:30 in the morning because she knows I get up early, she bought me flowers and balloons and a card and she was like ‘Everything is going to be okay.’ She was kind of like my Valentine.”

There have been lots of rumors lately about whether Amber and her ex-husband and baby’s father Wiz Khalifa are dating again. One caller asked Amber about how to move on and date other men after having a child. This is something she has struggled with given how much she still cares for both her son, Sebastian, and Wiz.

“Honestly, the only thing I can tell you is that time will go by and time will make it a bit easier on your heart,” she said. “Don’t feel bad about it because I push myself to do the same thing because I’m like ‘You know what? It’s okay, I can have a social life. I’m supposed to find love again. I’m supposed to date people and figure out what’s going to work and what’s not going to work,’ so you should not feel bad about it. Our sons love us and want us to find happiness one day so I think you should push yourself to try and do that.”


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