"I was just like ‘You know what? I do have cellulite. I’m a woman and I have a kid.'”

By Rahul Lal

During Loveline with Amber Rose’s most recent episode on Facebook Live, hosts Amber Rose and Dr. Chris Donaghue had spiritual medium and clairvoyant James Van Praagh join the show.

Recently, a photo taken of Amber by the paparazzi that showed her to be a bit bigger than some people may be used to.

“This week I got really fat shamed and body shamed because paparazzi took pictures of me on the beach,” Amber explained. “This is the thing, they 100 percent doctored those pictures, 100 percent. But, they made me wider, and I didn’t say anything about it because I’m all for body positivity and I didn’t want to come out and say ‘This isn’t me.’ I was just like ‘You know what? I do have cellulite. 100 percent I have cellulite. I’m a woman and I have a kid.’”

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Drawing back to the days that she wasn’t as open-minded and accepting, Amber recalled that she used to hate on Paris Hilton in various different ways. Part of growing up, she said, is realizing the effects that that type of criticism can have on others.

“Paris Hilton just came on the scene,” Amber recalled before mentioning that now she has nothing but positive feelings toward Hilton. “She was poppin’ and she was everywhere, right? I used to just sit at home and talk about her with my friends and be like ‘She’s such a stupid, f—ing b—-. She’s famous for no reason, who the f— gives a f— about her just because she came from money’ and I used to say really horrible things about this girl. When I became famous, people said those things about me.”

Van Praagh offered some advice for the star to consider moving forward with paparazzi and unaccepting people who pay attention to this style of news.

“We’re all energy and what other people think of you is none of your business,” he said. “They don’t know who you are, so why give them any of your energy? You can’t feed the negative energy and it is what it is.”

“What I think is important about you bringing this up is that you’re letting people know what it was like to have that said about you because there’s a lot of people who type horrible things to us,” Dr. Chris added. “Of all the things people want to sit and do right now. It’s important for people to sit back and hear that that’s wounding and that hurts. Someone did that last week when we had a guest on and somebody tweeted something mean about the guest and I was like, ‘That’s really what you wanted to take the time out and tweet?’”

To hear the full interview which also includes a reading of both Amber and Chris’s readings by James Van Praagh, listen to the latest episode of Loveline with Amber Rose on CBS Radio’s Play.it podcast network.


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