Amber Rose: ‘I Like to Feed’

Amber discusses her "feed" fetish, as well as other things she enjoys in the bedroom.

By Rahul Lal

During Sunday’s Loveline with Amber Rose episode on Facebook Live, Amber Rose and co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue were joined by actor Jai Rodriguez. During the show, Amber was asked by a listener about her sexual preferences, and whether she had any fetishes.

“I like to feed,” she quickly responded. “I like a man that I’m very attracted to and to watch him eat. Oh, that gets me wet. It’s just hot. If he’s just watching football and I’m feeding him grapes, that’s hot to me.”

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Amber isn’t very shy about talking on many of her own experiences and the things she does and doesn’t enjoy. While she finds the pleasure in things like feeding, she understands that others have simpler fetishes like the person she is currently dating.

“The guy that I’m dating just wants me naked all the time,” she revealed.

After Chris revealed that he’s currently dating somebody who enjoys wearing his underwear after he’s done wearing them, the subject turned to the topic of eating booty. This line of discussion started because of a caller who was curious about this, as her boyfriend requested it. She wanted Amber’s advice and opinions on the subject and whether she would do it.

“I think that if he wants that, yeah,” she responded. “‘If I throw your legs up, you better keep your legs up.’ If he wants to get rimmed, he’s definitely going to wash and be clear. I feel like with a lot of women, we kind of go in aggressively. I think you should be kind of feminine and soft and not go crazy in there and be soft and gentle and get in there. If he’s kind of chilling and laying on his stomach, you can kiss his back and go down. I’m going to try it tonight.”

The conversation transitioned into conversations about threesomes and Amber’s thoughts on them. While she’s been in one threesome before, she didn’t particularly enjoy it. She didn’t name any names but mentioned that her partners were each friends of hers and that could’ve influenced the fact that she felt it was a weird experience.

Her and Rodriguez got into a conversation about polyamorous relationships. A polyamorous relationship is one where someone is open to having multiple partners and intimate relationships with more than just one person with the consent and knowledge of each partner. Rodriguez asked what her preferences would be to the partners’ sexes.

“I would pick a girl and a guy,” she said before quickly changing her mind upon further thought. “I would prefer two guys than a girl because I don’t like eating vagina like that. How hot would it be for me to have two boyfriends? It would be really hot.”

While Amber talks about being in multiple relationships or having different partners, not everybody understands the concept of successful, open relationships. In the same way, she says that when she’s dated or hooked up with fans in the past, she’s run into problems because they can’t relate or understand to her lifestyle. In the beginning, she had fun meeting and hooking up with fans though but it didn’t always last.

“It’s almost f—ing borderline amazing,” she said. “I haven’t done it in a few years but when I was first single and famous and had mad groupies and s—, it’s f—ing amazing when they’re like ‘I can’t believe I’m with Amber Rose right now.’ I stopped doing that because I kind of felt like I would catch feelings or start talking to them and they were like my barber. We would start talking and I would be like ‘I don’t wanna be with you anymore, you don’t understand my life, you won’t understand my life.’”

Part of the struggle that Amber had mentioned when talking about not being understood were things such as rumors that don’t hold any truth, paparazzi who take pictures at all times and even social media.

Speaking of social media, Amber announced that she will be taking a month off from her show and she wants to spend the last month of 2016 off social media and away from the limelight.

“I’m taking a month off of social media,” she said. “This is the last time you’ll see this gorgeous face. I’m going to spend time with my family and enjoy my holidays… I’m taking a break. For seven years I’ve been on social media, why not? I’ll see you guys in January.”

You can watch the full Facebook Live segment online on Amber’s Facebook page and you can listen to full episodes of Loveline with Amber Rose on CBS Radio’s podcast network. Though Amber will be out, Dr. Chris Donaghue will still be hosting the podcast and answering questions from fans throughout the month of December and Amber’s return in January.


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