Laura Jane Grace Rates Star Wars Movies Best to Worst

"I think A New Hope is actually a crap movie."

By Staff

While sitting down with 90s Percentile podcast hosts Jack Picone and Dan Mulhall, Laura Jane Grace and her Tranny co-writer Dan Ozzi talked all things Star Wars, including ranking the famous films from best to worst.

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After a deep dive into their favorite light saber colors and how Grace is slowly turning herself into a Sith (once a disparate collage of tattoos, her right arm is now solid black up to her neck) she revealed that her first professional tattoo was the symbol for the rebel alliance.

When it came time to ranking the famous films, the Against Me! singer professed “Jedi is way better than A New Hope. I think A New Hope is actually a crap movie when it comes down to it. Empire’s my favorite,” she adds. “On A New Hope, that’s like saying the first time you had sex was the best time you ever had sex. You just know it’s not.”

Grace then proceeds to rate the Lucas films from best to worst: The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens then A New Hope followed by the remaining prequels with Grace joking that she likes Lucas’ not-so-well known made-for-TV movies better than the prequels.

Before revealing that Jedi was one of the first films she’d seen in the theater, Grace cracked up the room with her favorite Star Wars joke; “How did Darth Vadar know what Luke Skywalker got him for Christmas? Because he could sense his presents.”

Listen to the full 90s Percentile podcast below.



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