Gene Simmons Calls Rush ‘One of My Favorite Bands of All Time’

By Annie Reuter

Gene Simmons is not one to shy away from sharing his opinion and recently the Kiss rocker talked about the band Rush.

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In a nearly two-minute clip taken from the new documentary Rush: Time Stand Still, Simmons spoke highly of the Canadian trio.

“You know I love Rush,” Simmons says. “Always have. When we first heard Rush we were struck. It was like Canadian Led Zeppelin. Rush was a hard rockin’ band. It felt English. We thought they were English.”

Kiss helped open the door for Rush in America in 1975 when they booked the band as main support for the their debut tour outside of Canada. Simmons admitted that he didn’t get a chance to see Rush’s show back then since he was busy backstage getting his face painted each night during their performance, but he saw them years later and finally “beheld the glory that was Rush.”

“[They’re] still one of my favorite bands of all time,” he concedes.

Screenings of the documentary Rush: Time Stand Still are will take place today (Nov. 17) in select theaters across the U.S.

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