Rush Premiere Exclusive Clip from ‘Time Stand Still’ Documentary

By Brian Ives

The 2010 Rush documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage may have been the definitive doc on the band, but their new one, Time Stands Still may well be the last word on the Canadian trio.

The band’s 2015 R40 tour looks like it will be their last, and they treated it as such, building their setlist in reverse chronological order. Time Stands Still looks at the the tour from the perspective of the band, their crew, management and—importantly—the fans.

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Rush fans are an intense bunch; they’re like rock music’s equivalent of Star Trek fans. And one of the most dedicated fans is Ray Wawrzyniak, who is interviewed in the film. See an exclusive clip below, where Mr. Wawrzyniak shows off his 91 page list of Rush stuff.

The film is narrated by a somewhat more famous Rush fan—that would be Paul Rudd—and is due out on DVD and Blu-Ray next week, November 18.

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