Amber Rose Discusses Male Contraception on ‘Loveline’ Podcast

Apparently, men in a focus group don't want to take pills that have the same side effects as females experience from birth control pills. Amber's not having it.

By Rahul Lal

On this week’s episode of Loveline with Amber Rose and Dr. Chris Donaghue, the two tackled serious issues that women face every day. Amber is a neo-feminist who tries to educate women when it comes to their sexual lives, encounters and experiences; Chris is a licensed sex therapist.

This week, they discussed new developments that have been made in the field of male birth control. The drawback: the new technology might cause mood swings, sensitive skin and weight fluctuation. In other words, the same side effects as female births control.

“British scientists discovered a way to stop sperm from swimming [by using] nasal spray,” Amber explained. “Now they’re saying that it’s like a nasal spray or a pill that you can take literally minutes before having sex… but then it’s like, are guys going to remember? I feel like it’s because we have the babies and get pregnant so it’s like ‘Oh s–,’ we’re not going to miss a pill.”

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Both Amber and Chris were a bit skeptical when it came to assessing whether guys would be as motivated to take birth control. Chris explained that he recently has been educated on the subject matter by the National Council for Teen Pregnancy who conducted their own study on the topic of male birth control.

“They said they did their own study and most men said they wouldn’t use it,” he recalled. “Not only because a lot of men are busy and they don’t want to start taking on that responsibility but it was also because the study showed that anything that causes some sort of hormonal shifts that might cause a break out or have some weight gain – the guys were like, ‘No, we’re good.’”

Chris went on to point out the hypocrisy amongst those men, noting that with many men, the expectation is that women should be responsible for birth control and handling the side effects of it. He and Amber both pointed out that it is a true sign of sacrifice and love from a man to be willing to deal with the consequences so that his partner may not have to.

As always, Amber and Chris answer listener’s questions. One caller was complaining about being stuck in a harsh relationship with a man who has an undiagnosed drinking problem.

“Here’s the thing,” Chris began. “I always give Dr. Donaghue’s three checklist rules to know that you should or could get out of a relationship. Number one, if someone is an untreated addict, you should leave the relationship. [Number two], if someone has mental health issues that they aren’t willing to address, you should leave the relationship. Number three, if they are psychologically or physically abusive, [you should leave the relationship]. This guy is in an undealt-with addiction, he’s not going to be available to you.”

Amber admitted that she has been involved with men like this as well. While it may be hard to realize when something is over and needs to be addressed, she made it very clear that it was time for the caller to be real with herself and her boyfriend.

“You literally just said that you’re not going to be happy ultimately,” she explained. “You’re not happy now so let’s not be in denial. A lot of times with women, and I wrote this in my book, we are always in denial. We think it might get better or we’ll literally say exactly what it is and then be like ‘I don’t know if I should stick it out.’ You just said that you’re not happy, you’re not going to be happy, you’re going to literally have to take care of him.”

Amber and Chris talk about many more subjects stemming from bringing other sexual partners into the bedroom, new robots that are meant to be used as partners, privacy in relationships and also, what it takes to be a good sex therapist. Listen to the latest episode of of Loveline With Amber Rose on CBS Radio’s Play.It Network, below.


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