By Rahul Lal

On the most recent episode of the Loveline with Amber Rose podcast, Amber and Dr. Chris Donaghue, the duo was joined by comedian Margaret Cho. Cho joined the hit show Fashion Police earlier in 2016 as one of its five panelists.

Amber has been a guest panelist on Fashion Police, but didn’t enjoy it. The show breaks down the fashion choices of celebrities on the red carpet, and often makes fun of them pretty harshly.

“There were times that I was on Fashion Police,” Amber recalled. “They would say ‘Okay, you have to say one good thing and one bad thing.’ I’m never going to say one bad thing about anybody because I’m into a person being an individual so if she has on combat boots and a tutu, I’m going to think that’s f—ing cool. So, it’s hard for me, and then people would say nasty, mean jokes and s—, so it was hard for me.”

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Cho maintained that the aim has never and would never be to draw audiences from being judgmental because she appreciates and loves fashion too much. Like Amber, she enjoys seeing people experiment and push the boundaries of fashion and even admits that her style isn’t always on point.

“We know what we’re talking about when we’re talking about clothes,” she said. “It’s not about making fun of people, it’s not mean spirited. We’re just showing the theater of the red carpet to people and just how beautiful it is and how fun it is. The theater of the red carpet itself is like being in like Louis XIV’s court like the French, very decadent time where all they did was dress up for each other. That’s really what the red carpet is. It’s elegant gowns and designers going to war with each other and we can just comment and really have a good time.”

As someone who can consider herself a fashion historian, Cho likened different eras of fashion to each other and drew links between them as well. Fashion means even more to her than history as it takes on its own life. “Fashion Police” is now out to appreciate the unique and everyday fashion styles alike. Amber has often been considered to be one of those unique characters in the fashion world and Cho had some very kind thoughts about Amber’s legacy in the fashion industry.

“You’re one of the iconic beauties of the 21st century,” she said when describing the incredible styles that Amber has displayed over the years. “We’ve shifted over to really talking about the way that fashion moves people and how much beauty and art there is in these gowns… it’s wonderful to appreciate. I think that you find that when you come on with me now it’s really about appreciating the beauty and the magic of the red carpet. It really is like Cinderella, it’s a fairy tale and we’re living it. We get to bring people watching into the magic and the glamour and the grandeur so I invite you to look at it that way.”

Listen to the most recent episode of Loveline with Amber Rose on CBS Radio’s podcast network.


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