Lady Gaga’s ‘Perfect Illusion’ is Growing on The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney

"It’s like 'Eye of the Tiger,' but not even nearly as good as that."

By Staff

The Black Key’s Patrick Carney has a new segment on Vice News called ‘Patrick Carney’s High Standards Music Corner’ in which he reviews newly released songs. His reaction to Lady Gaga’s new single “Perfect Illusion,” is pretty hilarious.

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“First of all, I hate guitars that sound like that,” he begins. “I’m lost because the guitar at the top of it sounds so s—–. It’s like ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ but not even nearly as good as that. It sounds like Hulk Hogan is playing the f—ing guitar.”

“I met Hulk Hogan once, and he was really, really nice,” he continues. “and he did say this to me: ‘These fingers have never touched a fret. Been up and down the Florida coast playing rock‘n’roll all through the 70s, never touched a fret.’ I think that’s what he’s saying! He’s saying he was playing a fretless bass in a prog band or something. F—ing cool!”

Ultimately he concedes “But the thing is, that songs’s growing on me. I’ve heard it now. That’s one of those things. That’s the thing about music: The more you hear something, the more you like it. That’s why payola worked.”

Check out Carney’s full segment below.


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