5 Great Deep Tracks from OneRepublic

By Amanda Wicks

When it comes to anthemic numbers, nobody beats OneRepublic. The pop rock band from Colorado knows how to maneuver a song toward a powerful chorus. With radio smashes like “Apology” and “Counting Stars,” one might think the band is limited to their singles, but their albums offer an array of great material that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are five great OneRepublic deep tracks for your listening pleasure.

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1. “Someone to Save You”

“Someone to Save You,” off the band’s 2007 album Dreaming Out Loud, recalls British band Keane, but Ryan Tedder’s voice stamps this as an angst-ridden OneRepublic track. “Honesty/ Is what you need/ It sets you free/ Like someone to save you,” he sings on the chorus.

2. “I Lived”

OneRepublic writes powerful songs about being strong and overcoming life’s difficulties, and “I Lived” is exactly that. Beginning with a guitar, Tedder’s voice comes in and begins a prayer of sorts, singing each thing he hopes for the subject in the song, before drums build this up into a cathartic release. The chorus is a shot to the heart. “I owned every second that this world could give/ I saw so many places, the things that I did/ With every broken bone, I swear I lived,” Tedder sings.

3. “Missing Persons 1 & 2”

With somber strings setting off the track, “Missing Persons 1 & 2,” off their 2009 sophomore studio album Waking Up, is everything beautiful, memorable and visceral about OneRepublic. The drums sound as though they were recorded in an empty room and contrast the driving piano riff. But once again it’s Tedder’s emotional vocals that make this such a strong song.

4. “Life in Color”

“Life in Color” begins with a whimsical toy piano, which brings a brighter quality to another of their anthemic tunes. Off the band’s 2014 album Native, Tedder’s voice explodes on the chorus. Lyrically, this  song celebrates finding a partner to walk any road with you. OneRepublic absolutely nails it.

5. “All the Right Moves”

Technically “All the Right Moves” isn’t a “deep track,” because it got the single treatment including a music video. But it’s such a moving song that shows off what OneRepublic does best it’s hard not to include on this list. First of all, there’s Tedder’s voice reaching above its register on the chorus with a touch of production to add an affected color to his tone, and then there’s the pop-rock blend that exemplifies the sound the band landed upon after their debut album. 2009 brought a lot of growth for OneRepublic, and “All the Right Moves” showcases it all.

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