Joan Baez, Tom Waits Praise ‘Immortal’ Bob Dylan for Nobel Prize Win

By Hayden Wright

Yesterday, Bob Dylan’s receipt of the Nobel Prize in Literature triggered fervid debate in the literary community but provoked some full-throated praise from his peers in music. Joan Baez and Tom Waits both professed their admiration for Dylan and happiness at his selection for the international literary honor.

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“The Nobel Prize for Literature is yet another step towards immortality for Bob Dylan,” Baez wrote in a Facebook post. “The rebellious, reclusive, unpredictable artist/composer is exactly where the Nobel Prize for Literature needs to be.”

The folk singer, activist and former girlfriend of Dylan, dug deeper into his rich catalog, saying her own (important) work doesn’t even compare.

“His gift with words is unsurpassable,” wrote Baez. “Out of my repertoire spanning 60 years, no songs have been more moving and worthy in their depth, darkness, fury, mystery, beauty, and humor than Bob’s. None has been more of a pleasure to sing. None will come again.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, Tom Waits released a brief statement commending Dylan for the landmark prize.

“It’s a great day for Literature and for Bob when a Master of its original form is celebrated. Before epic tales and poems were ever written down, they migrated on the winds of the human voice and no voice is greater than Dylan’s.”

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