Rush Documentary ‘Rush: Time Stand Still’ Coming to Movie Theaters

By Amanda Wicks

The future of Rush remains one big question mark, but in the meantime fans have a chance to catch the band live in November. Kind of. Fathom Events will be holding a one-night-only film screening of the new documentary Rush | Time Stand Still.

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Narrated by Paul Rudd and featuring exclusive bonus content, Rush | Time Stand Still will take audiences back to R40, the band’s 40th anniversary tour, and explore their unique relationship with fans alongside live performances.

In a clip, Howard Ungerleider, the band’s lighting director, recounts the time Alex Lifeson, ever the comedian, created a character called The Bag while Rush was on tour with KISS. “He used to crack the guys in KISS up,” he said. “They always wanted The Bag. Ace Frehley used to go ‘Are you going to have The Bag tonight?'” Lifeson said of his character, “The Bag was always drunk and really smart and knew everything, and made a lot of suggestions to people.” Geddy Lee can barely contain his laughter as he listens to Lifeson talk about his creation. It sounds like only Frehley truly appreciated The Bagm though. Gene Simmons wasn’t a huge fan of the shenanigans.

Participating movie theaters will screen the film on Thursday, November 3 at 7:30 p.m. local time. Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 7 at Fathom Event’s website.

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