Killer Mike Says Black Community Isn’t Ready for a Revolution

By Amanda Wicks

Killer Mike appeared at the All Black National Convention in Atlanta, where things got heated when he claimed black people weren’t ready for a real revolution.

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“We’re in the south, we’re in the heart of the south right now,” he told the crowd, before asking people to raise their hands if they fished, hunted or farmed. The answer didn’t surprise him, and led to his response. “You ain’t ready to oppose nothing,” he said, as the crowd gasped in response. “You are as a part of this system as any white person gentrifying in this city. And you can’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’ve lived in this neighborhood long enough to know when two out of every five yards had a garden in the back.”

As he went on to discuss the realities of a revolution, he drew angry and vocal criticism from the crowd. “Black people, I love you and I love you enough to tell, you ain’t ready to revolt s—,” he said becoming more and more impassioned in an attempt to counteract the crowd’s reaction. “You don’t feed yo’self, you don’t hunt your own animals and slaughter them, you don’t prep your own meat, you don’t own your own land, you don’t have a seed growin’ in yo’ window.” He added, “You ain’t s–t if you can’t feed your children.”

Even though he was critical about the community’s readiness to take a stand, he clarified, “I’m not saying give up.”

The ABNC meeting and Mike’s speech come after police continue shooting black people in the United States. Despite that real and systemic problem, Mike said, “Don’t you send these babies out to die because you feel like you missed the 60s and the 70s. I want to see more black attorneys, more law enforcement. I want to see more black people pulling their money to run their own candidates.”

Watch the full speech below.


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