In the latest episode of her "Loveline" podcast, Amber Rose says that she prefers to be in monogamous relationships.

By Rahul Lal

Amber Rose got real about her love life on the latest episode of Loveline with Amber Rose, her podcast on CBS Radio’s Joined by co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue, Amber gave listeners a genuine take on the reality of trying to find love, and some insight into some of the mistakes she has made in the past.

“I could f— anybody I want at any time, but it’s boring,” she said. “I don’t want to have sex, I’m very turned off. Ideally, I’d like to have a relationship. I love relationships, I love to be with one person, I love to grow with them and have that closeness.”

Amber expanded on last week’s show about how difficult it is at times being a celebrity and stuck in the public eye while trying to create or maintain a relationship. She said her schedule and public’s perception of her can make it difficult to groom a relationship organically and create something lasting that doesn’t get polluted.

While some of her troubles stem from her public status, others stem from what she likes to refer to as “selling a dream.” “Selling a dream” is a very common thing early in relationships where a partner will act a specific way to either impress or ease their partner into a creating a fantasy that may not actually be there.

“I sold a dream in the past in other relationships,” Amber commented. “I wanted somebody to like me for all the right things like ‘I’m going to cater to you and I’m going to cook and I’m going to clean.’”

While a completely normal thing to do, Chris and Amber both realized through personal stories that this only leads to problems down the road. If a person gets accustomed to a certain way of being treated or lifestyle and it is forced behavior, the natural behavior of the person will surely create issues in time. The most important thing to both Amber and Chris is to make sure that an individual puts him or herself first.

“Now when I meet someone, it’s like, ‘Look, I don’t cook like that,’” she continued on her personal growth. “I cook for my son but usually we go out to eat. I love to go to restaurants, I’m that girl. I have maids that come to my house, I work really f—ing hard. I’m not going to be cleaning up s—. I’m a business woman, I’m a mom first. I have s— to do, I’m never going to cancel what I have to do for anybody.”

Amber detailed a time that she was thankful she got to see the real version of someone. A couple years ago, she attended a Billy Joel concert and was enjoying the experience of just being a fan. Her date for the evening was preoccupied on his cell phone and that was a revealing moment where she realized that the little things she finds enjoyment in aren’t always shared. That was a moment where in which she learned how important it was to just be herself rather than “selling a dream” because of how much she liked someone.

“I just started talking to this guy. Nothing serious. But I’m just going into it like, ‘I really, really like him but I don’t want to f— it up,’” she said. “I’m kind of just putting it all out there. This is me, this is what I’m into. And you either f—ing like it or you don’t…It’s fun though, I’m having a good time.”

To hear more details about Amber’s love life as well as advice and tips for dating, sex and many other topics listen to the full show.


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