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The Game took to social media this weekend, escalating his feud with Meek Mill and Sean Kingston.

Last week Game called Meek a snitch and expressed his desire to fight; now we have more information on his motivation.

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According to TMZ, the beef stems from an incident in June, when Kingston was robbed of a $300k chain in a club where he and Mill were partying.

Meek allegedly pointed police to Game.

Police tell TMZ that Game was never a suspect and that the investigation has been closed because Kingston is no longer cooperating.

After a bit of back and forth on social media between Game and Mill, Kingston joined the fray.

In an Instagram post that his since been deleted, but was captured by Hip Hop N More, Kingston goes off on Game, calling him among other insults, a “fake gangster.”

Game responded, addressing both Kingston and Mill in his latest Instagram post.

#FACTS @SeanKingston you fat scary lying a– n—- on here playing games wit this p—- @meekmill….. Frontin’ for these people….,” he begins.

Game goes on to allege that it was Kingston’s own crew who set him up, and that it was Meek’s idea to pin the blame him. He even claims Kingston called him for help after the robbery.

“Keep fakin for Instagram,” Game concludes. “You gone have to see me, & then we will see if you can stand behind the words you typing on this app b—- !!!!!!!!!!! You know in yo heart you scared & this time it ain’t going away….. This one won’t rest until you catch this a– whoopin….#ItsGoingToHappen”

See Kingston’s diss, and Game’s response below, each of the videos contains explicit language.

#FACTS @SeanKingston you fat scary lying ass nigga on here playing games wit this pussy @meekmill..... Frontin' for these people.... Niggas in yo own circle set you up, whooped yo ass in the club & took all yo shit off yo neck in front of your security & yo niggas & they watched it happened !!!!! You telling police I had sumn to do with you gettin robbed & I set you up cause Meesha punk ass told you that is some hoe shit !!!! But what's even worse, is yo buster ass on here fakin' when you know what the fuck you called my phone & said !!!!! Meek been tellin on niggas..... Anywhere he can snitch to get ahead his rat ass will do it !!!! One day you look up & my fist gone be in yo fuckin jaw.... & ain't nobody gone be there to hide behind or help you.... You gone take this ass whoopin like a man & the world is home see me beat the hoe out you !!!!!!! I'm 1,000% sure yo punk ass & ya chubby side piece had detectives at my house before I left on tour.... Questioning me telling me verbatim what y'all niggas told them.... Keep fakin for Instagram..... You gone have to see me, & then we will see if you can stand behind the words you typing on this app bitch !!!!!!!!!!! You know in yo heart you scared & this time it ain't going away..... This one won't rest until you catch this ass whoopin.... #ItsGoingToHappen #AndDontTryAndBackPeddleBitch #AndYeaBlackLivesMatter #ButRatsAreGrey 🐀🐀🐀🐀 #PussyNigga #SqueakMill & yo sidebitch #TwinkieSmuggler You know I ain't rob yo fat ass, so stop lying saying that shit.... #TurningCommentsOffSoNiggasCantSmackYoComments #PussyShit #TurnThemCommentsOnBitch #ThisNiggaMamaStillMakeHisBedAndDressEm #BackToMasterSplinter #WeSeeYouDeletingShitTooMeesha #AintNoRewindBitch #YouGettinSmacked #MEEKYMOUSE 🐭🐭🐭🐭

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