X Ambassadors Premiere ‘Low Life’ Video Staring Liev Schreiber

By Amanda Wicks

Ever feel like sometimes your alcoholic beverages are judging you? That’s kind of the idea X Ambassadors play off of in their new video for “Low Life” featuring A$AP Ferg and Jamie N Commons. The song appears on their latest album VHS 2.0.

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X Ambassadors tapped none other than Ray Donovan himself aka Liev Schreiber himself to head the video’s narrative. In it, Schreiber and others sit alone at a bar contemplating life. The band, A$AP Ferg and Jamie N Commons appear in various alcoholic beverages and “speak” to the low lifes drinking them.

As each talking head featured in the drink sings the lyrics, they give new meaning to the words: “I’m nothing but a low life/ Thinking about my own life/ I’m trying to fight the good own fight/ But after it all, I’m still just a low life.”

The video would fit perfectly in an anti-drinking campaign. Watch below.

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