Jack Daniels Releases Select Motorhead Whiskey

By Jeff Cornell

Following the death of Lemmy Kilmister, there have been many tributes and nods to the Motörhead frontman, but his favorite whiskey brand has taken it to another level.

Jack Daniels has unveiled a special single barrel whiskey to celebrate the iconic hard rock band. According to the Atlantic City Bottle Company, the select whiskey “celebrates 40 years of the loudest rock band on the planet.”

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The special limited-edition liquor is usually reserved for a “Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller,” which explores the “nuances of whiskey from a single barrel.” It is described as “dark, oaky, but still some corn and sweetness with that signature Jack smooth charcoal smoky finish.” Jack Daniels encourages fans to “Raise a glass and celebrate with Motörhead and their ol’ friend Jack.”

The bottle of Motörhead costs $99 and is currently sold out. Keep your eyes out for more coming in the next few weeks. See it below.

As we previously reported there is a Change.org petition aiming to have a Jack and Coke renamed a “Lemmy.” Fans can sign the petition here.

In other Motörhead tribute news, NHL goalie Ben Scivens has unveiled a new helmet featuring Lemmy. See it below.

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