“When people are out on boats they’re not in a hurry, they are out there to live life.”

By Radio.com Staff

Summer may be coming to a close, but boating will always have an important place in Jake Owen‘s life.

The singer’s current single “Real Life” is all about staying true to things that ground you, and for Owen, one of those things is boats. Jake recently sat down with Radio.com and discussed his lifetime of passion for being on the water.

“From the time that I was a kid, I was always out on a boat.”

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“I got a 13 ft Boston Whaler when I was 13. My dad got it for my brother and I for Christmas. I tell people this a lot: my dad kind of set us free, got us a boat, showed us how to use it. I’d come home from school [and take the boat out]. Or, sometimes before school in the morning, at like 6 o’clock in the morning, I’d go out and just ride around. I only had a six gallon gas tank, but I’d just go ride around the Intracoastal [Waterway] and the river and there was something kind of freeing about that. The breeze blowing in your face, early in the morning when the water was just like glass.”

“Just something about that every day just made me feel good. Plus I felt like being a 13-year-old kid and being able to just go wherever you wanted to go on the river kind of felt like having a car and being able to drive wherever you want.”

“And, it made me feel good my dad trusted [me with the] responsibility, and I think starting at a young age like that on a boat is what kind of made me, for the rest of my life, love boating so much. I’ll get my daughter into boating at a young age and it’s just something that just kind of a really big part of my life.”

When Owen got a record deal one of his first major purchases was a boat of his own.

“I just remember when I picked it up at the dealership, I hooked it up to the back of my truck and I pulled out of the dealership, like the whole ride home it was so cool because not only would I look in the rear-view mirror and see it behind my [truck], I was like ‘Damn.’ I remember that feeling as a kid, when my dad picked up a boat…looking behind us and going, ‘Man, that’s our boat we’re pulling.’ And to think it was mine and this wasn’t even that long ago, this was like seven or eight years ago. I just remember being so excited. And you pull up at a stop light and the guy next to you gives you a thumbs up like ‘Yeah dude.’ It just makes you feel good.”

“That’s what I love too about boating, everybody is friendly they like wave at you no matter what. Nobody ever waves at you in the car [laughs]. When people are out on boats they’re not in a hurry, they’re just out there to live life and enjoy it. They see somebody else enjoying their life.”

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It was only natural, then, that he partnered with Discover Boating to sponsor his current tour.

“It fits really well. Over the years of building my career I really focused hard on streamlining the right sort of partnerships that match up with who I am as a person and also what I sing about as an artist. With them it’s been really flawless and I really think it adds a lot more validity to me as kind of the guy and what I do because people get to see not only the music side of me, but the Discover Boating folks and our partnership help promote another side of me that people can also see. I think it’s just awesome.”



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