"'Southern Belle' is unique sounding,"

By Brian Ives 

Scotty McCreery‘s fans are patiently waiting for his next album, the follow-up to 2013’s See You Tonight. And they recently got their first taste of the album via “Southern Belle,” his latest single.

Radio.com recently spoke to McCreery about his new song and upcoming album. “If we’re looking at my records, ‘Southern Belle’ is unique sounding,” he says.

“But the overall sound of the record, it’s taken a step back towards that country, like the Ryman and all that stuff. It’s not traditional like Haggard or Jones. Even though I love those guys.”

While “Southern Belle” was written for him by Sean McConnell and Jason Saenz, he says that he’s looking to write and co-write some songs for his next album. “For me, nobody knows what I’m trying to say, as an artist and as a person, more than me.”

And, he reports that he’s been collaborating with some of Nashville’s most talented writers. “I’ve been lucky enough to sit down with some of Nashville’s best, and explain my thoughts for this record. Honestly, there’s been a lot of encouragement from the label. ‘Let’s see what you’ve got. We’ll listen to other songs as well, but as a writer, it’d be interesting to see what’s inside your head.’ Luckily, they’ve liked four of the five that we’ve chosen so far. So I’m pumped for that, and pumped for the fans to hear what’s going on up here [points to his head].”

He continues, “I’m writing with guys who are the newest of the new, guys who are writing Luke Bryan’s hits. [But also] Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin who have written songs for Hall of Famers, like Randy Travis. We’re trying out different things, but for me: I’m an old soul. So I’m going back a little bit towards that.”

There’s bee a lot of debate in recent months over new sounds being infused into country music, and while McCreery’s a traditional guy, he recognizes the need for at least some change in the genre. “Country music has changed a bunch. I’ve only been involved for the past four or five years. But’s it’s evolving, everything in life evolves and changes and you’ve just gotta go with the flow. Stay true to who you are as an artist, but you’ve just gotta go with the flow.”

And no matter what year it is, there are certain things about country music that will never change. “Bottom line of country music: it’s real people telling real stories. So as long as that’s still the case, no matter how sonically different it sounds, the melodies might change, the production might change, but as long as that stays the same: real people telling real stories, I think the foundation of country music will always be there. ”

McCreery has yet to announce a title or release date for his next album.


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