Mumford & Sons’ Boy Band Past: Revealed

By Brian Ives 

Mumford & Sons haven’t always been the instrument-wielding folk/rock band that sells millions of records and headlines arenas.

If a mini-documentary that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night is to be believed (and why shouldn’t it be?), the members of that quartet, along with Kimmel himself, were part of a boy band in the ’90s called Mumtown.

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While we weren’t following Mumford & Sons at the time, it’s surprising that none of this came to light about Jimmy before, given that he was a host during the ’90s on CBS Radio stations KZOK in Seattle and KROQ in Los Angeles.

Just kidding! Obviously the video that aired last night is a Behind the Music style spoof, which doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Watch the video above. And just try to get “Package for You” or “OMG U H-O-T” out of your head.

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