‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Comic-Con Trailer Shows Rick Grimes as the Bad Guy

By Scott T. Sterling

Fans of The Walking Dead have more than four full minutes of footage from the show’s upcoming sixth season to pour over thanks to the new teaser trailer that was released today during Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego.

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The detailed season 6 clip takes the viewer inside the confines of the Alexandria Safe Zone, where Rick Grimes and the other survivors have taken refuge.

Over the course of the teaser, however, it’s Grimes who emerges as the most unhinged, painted as the bad guy who’s causing all sorts of rifts in the encampment. It soon becomes clear that Grimes and character Morgan James will be engaged in a major power struggle in the new season.

The teaser also shows that fan favorite Daryl Dixon is in for some harrowing moments of his own.

Season six of The Walking Dead will start on Oct. 11 with a special 90-minute episode, according to Variety.

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