Walter White is Alive, Raving at EDC in Vegas: ‘Say My Name’

By Jeremy D. Larson

Chemistry’s most notorious meth dealer Walter White was briefly reanimated at Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend. During Above & Beyond‘s set, Bryan Cranston teased the crowd with his character’s most famous tagline, following his series-long demise on AMC’s Breaking Bad.  

Cranston walked out on stage during the British trance group’s set while they played their eponymous 2013 song “Walter White”. With way more hair and a nicely fitted t-shirt, he only needed three words to get back into character: “Say my name.” The crowd went crazy. Watch the video of the performance above (via Rolling Stone).

Cranston enjoyed the sumptuous bass at EDC during the weekend, as he tweeted out this video of the crowd before he left on Sunday, along with the message: “Leaving EDC – Vegas right now. Pulled an all nighter. Old, my ass… Old, my head. Old, my feet… Happy Fathers Day.”


This may not be the last we see of Walter White, as the creators of the spin-off show Better Call Saul have hinted that both White and his foolhardy sidekick Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) may make an appearance in future seasons of the show. “It would be great to see Walter White on ‘Better Caul Saul,” said creator Vince Gilligan. “It would be a shame if the show had its run—hopefully a very long run—and he never appeared.”

Listen to the studio version of Above & Beyond’s “Walter White” below.


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