Led Zeppelin Admit to Being ‘Exceptionally Talented’ in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Lawsuit Response

Oh, and "one of the greatest bands in history," they're cool with that, too.

By Philip Cosores

As previously reported, Led Zeppelin is currently involved in a lawsuit in which the estate of deceased Spirit guitarist Randy California seeks millions of dollars and a writing credit for the band’s decades old hit “Stairway to Heaven.”

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Throughout the process, the band has categorically maintained their innocence, even though some circumstantial evidence does tie the two bands together, with them having shared a bill in 1968.

But in a new story from Boston.com, the band’s response to the lawsuit has been revealed, with them admitting guilt to an amusing aspect of the lawsuit.

In one passage, Led Zeppelin do concede the point that they are “exceptionally talented” and admit to having been called “one of the greatest bands in history,” but deny every other claim in that section of the lawsuit.

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However, the band is still denying any sort of infringement on Spirit’s “Taurus” with “Stairway to Heaven,” meaning that the suit is likely to proceed as planned.


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