Watch a ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Early Look Video

By Staff

There’s a lot to fear in Fear the Walking Dead. And, if a new ‘early look’ video that dropped this week is to be believed, a whole lot of backstory.

According to the video, production is now in full swing on Fear the Walking Dead, the highly anticipated prequel to the AMC series The Walking Dead.

“Fear the Walking Dead is an entirely new, original concept,” explains executive producer Gale Anne Hurd.

“Because there are so many die-hard fans, you expect a certain thing from The Walking Dead,” says showrunner Dave Erickson. But with this new series, he continues, “We want to give that sense…and then pull the rug out from under them.”

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In terms of visuals, the video doesn’t offer up a whole lot, but you do get glimpses of a few different sets, a couple of actors getting make-up applied and some spooky music that very well could have been lifted from the soundtrack.

And don’t worry if you haven’t seen every Walking Dead episode yet—or any of them at all. As executive producer Robert Kirkman makes clear, this new series “tells its own story. You’d don’t need to have watched The Walking Dead to understand Fear the Walking Dead.”

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As previously reported, the new series takes place in Los Angeles instead of the East Coast, where The Walking Dead is set. And it turns the clock back to the start of the outbreak, which had already taken place before the start of the first episode of The Walking Dead. “We worked very hard to give it its own identity, but keep it true to The Walking Dead,” executive producer Greg Nicotero says of the new series.

Fear the Walking Dead is expected to premiere on AMC this summer.


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