Which ‘Walking Dead’ Character Has the Most Kills?

By Bradford Hornsby, Live 105, San Francisco

Imgur user MorbidMalignant is a big fan of The Walking Dead, and he also appears to be an excellent accountant. That’s because MorbidMalignant has tabulated all the kills—both zombie and human—that have taken place on screen during the show’s first five seasons.

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The list of the Top 10 total kills on the show is below. It’s no surprise that Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) tops the list with 157 (137 walkers and 20 people), and that the Governor (David Morrissey) takes the ignoble title for most human kills with 33.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) is second on the list with 150 kills, but this includes eight humans. Glenn (Steven Yeun), on the other hand, has managed to go through five seasons without taking a single human life while ridding The Walking Dead world of 129 walkers.

Top 10 Kills on The Walking Dead:

1. Rick – 157 kills (137 walkers, 20 people)
2. Daryl – 150 kills (142 walkers, 8 people)
3. Glenn – 129 kills (all walkers)
4. Michonne – 94 kills (87 walkers, 7 people)
5. The Governor – 56 kills (23 walkers, 33 people)

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6. Sasha – 65 kills (55 walkers, 1 person)
7. Maggie – 48 kills (45 walkers, 3 people)
8. Andrea – 42 kills (all walkers)
9T. Carl – 38 kills (37 walkers, 1 person)
9T. Abraham – 38 kills (33 walkers, 5 people)

Eager to get even more granular? Head over to MorbidMalignant’s page on imgur.com to see The Walking Dead kills broken down by season and character with baseball-style cards and more. Like we said, he’s a big fan.


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