The Music of ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5: Knife Party to the Rescue

By Brian Ives 

Over the course of four-plus seasons, ‘The Walking Dead’ has used a wide range of music from artists that span nearly every genre and era including Bob Dylan, Motörhead, the Stanley Brothers, Sharon Van Etten, Wang Chung and Tom Waits, whose song “Hold On” was sung by cast member Emily Kinney. During the show’s fifth season, we’ll be talking with Thomas Golubic of SuperMusicVision, who helps choose the show’s music, to get the scoop on what you heard on the latest episode.

More proof that the Alexandrians are a bit too spoiled? Not only can they play music in their vehicles, but they do so at loud volumes, despite the fact that any sort of noise attracts walkers. And yet Aiden – the very cocky son of Deanna, Alexandria’s leader – is cranking Knife Party from the van as he leads an away team, including Glenn, Tara, Noah, Eugene, and Alexandrian Nicholas on a run to get some supplies to fix the town’s power grid.

Golubic tells, “For this episode, we got an opportunity to use source music to help rescue our heroes.  In Merle’s final episode in season three we worked a similar trick letting Merle’s good fortune of grabbing a car with Motorhead and Ted Nugent to crash Woodbury and give Merle his final hurrah.  In the case of Aiden, who is of a younger generation, we get Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’ and the pleasure of watching Noah roll his eyes when the mixtape starts to play.” If there’s anything obsolete in the zombie apocalypse, it’s a dubstep song about getting blocked on Facebook. Spoilers ahead.

Our heroes would joke that dubstep would draw the walkers away. True. And sadly, Knife Party would be the last band Noah ever heard. Earlier in the episode, he expressed a desire to become an architect and help fortify the walls that keep Alexandria safe. Bad move on Walking Dead: expressing desires for the future beyond basic survival is pretty clear foreshadowing that you won’t have one.

Fast forward a few minutes, Glenn, Noah and Nicholas are trapped in a revolving door; Aiden has already bit it (or been bit, quite a bit, actually). Eugene, always declaring himself the coward and unfit for combat, and an unconscious Tara were in the van. Eugene steps up, driving the van by the door, luring the walkers away. Guess what was playing loudly?

Yep, Knife Party.

Golubic says, “Part of the fun of The Walking Dead is that you never know who’s going to make it through the episode alive, and you never know what songs will help to tell the tale.” We wouldn’t have guessed “Internet Friends,” but good choice.

Sadly, Noah’s life ended with this tale. His newly started journal included just one line: “This is the beginning.” Not only was his death brutal (we won’t go into it in detail, too upsetting). Cue hundreds of tweets about “Everybody Ate Chris” (Noah was played by Tyler James Williams, who had the lead role in Everybody Hates Chris, FYI.) And more than a few tweets decrying that fact that black male characters have not been faring well this season, what with the deaths of Bob and Tyreese.

A lot of other stuff that went down on tonight’s episode: Abraham took the lead when on a run with the construction crew, and coined the instant hashtag #motherdick. We also learned that the Alexandrians get all “every (wo)man for him/herself” when the going gets tough. (“We have a system!”) We saw that twice in this episode: when Nicolas was willing to ditch Aiden, and on the construction crew when a swarm of walkers attacked, and Abraham saved a woman who the rest of the team were all too willing to leave for dead.

Back in Alexandria, Jessie’s douchey doctor husband Pete paid an unannounced visit to Rick. “Let’s be friends man,” he says, obviously aware that Rick and his wife have a connection. “We kinda have to be.” Rick gazes back at him, steely-eyed. No, we kinda don’t. Soon, Carol uncovers through Jessie and Sam’s cookie-obsessed kid, that the doctor is an abusive husband, something that burns Carol, a domestic abuse victim in her past life, to the core. And she tells Rick about it. As we said a few weeks ago, Pete’s days are numbered. At the very least, he’s headed for a beatdown. You almost feel bad for Dr. D-Bag, he has no idea what he’s in for. Rick and Carol are both pissed at him.

Oh, and Gabriel put his collar back on again. At the beginning of the episode, we saw him tearing pages out of the Bible. At the end, he’s betraying Team Rick in a big way, telling Deanna “They can’t be trusted. They’re dangerous, the day will come that they’ll put their lives before everyone else’s.” Deanna doesn’t even know that her son is dead yet. Next week should be interesting.



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