For Some Reason the World’s Fastest Drummer Is Challenging ‘Whiplash’ Drummer

By Philip Cosores

In the recent Oscar-winning film Whiplash, Miles Teller plays a jazz drummer, and word is that the actor was self-taught in terms of his chops. Still, though he plays very impressively in the film and in real life, there is a good amount of fancy Hollywood editing going into making it look real.

Don’t tell that to legit World’s Fastest Drummer Tom Grosset. Grosset takes the opportunity of fast drumming getting a little added attention to try to throw some of the focus his way. Grosset has recorded a YouTube video in which he challenges Teller to a drumming contest, and contest that in reality, Teller couldn’t possibly win.

The challenge is surely all in good fun, though Grosset speaks at a distractingly slow pace that wipes all the humor from the publicity stunt. Still, Grosset does play the drums pretty fast. He’s like the Steve Vai or Joe Satriani of drummers.

A face-off between fictional and real? Well, OK.


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