Courtney Love Goes Off on Fan After Beer Can is Thrown At Her: Watch

By Philip Cosores

Despite its remote location with relation to the rest of the world — and unlike Las Vegas — what happens in Australia does not, it turns out, stay in Australia.

As noted by Gigwise, Courtney Love lost it at a recent show in the land down under when a fan threw a beer can at her. She didn’t go Artest and leap into the crowd fists ablaze, but she had some stern words for the concert-code violator.

“In 20 years, no one’s thrown a beer can at me except for you, f—-r,” Love said. “Your weenie must be this f—-g big.”

It should be noted that the implication was that the so-called man’s weenie was not very large at all, but small. Very small to throw a beer at a woman.

“You wanna go back? You wanna fucking f–k me up? Do not do that again,” she said to applause, before adding, “the rest of you are excused.”

Is there video? Of course! Yay, 2014!

There might be the inclination because of her past to paint Love as irrational, but as the video shows, she remains poised throughout the incident, and, one can assume, finished the set in peace.

Love plans to release a new album Died Blonde soon, though no release date has been revealed. Two singles  — “You Know My Name” and “Wedding Day” — have been released.


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