50 Musicians Pose With Their Ridiculously Adorable Pets

By Courtney E. Smith

When it comes to selfies, nothing makes one better than having your pet in the picture. Not just because cats (and dogs) run the internet, but that doesn’t hurt to put a little something cute and cuddly in the shot and up your endearing factor to off-the-charts.

We pulled together 50 shots of musicians with their pets — they’re on horses, they’ve got puppies, some are crazy cat lovers and more than a few pigs. We even found a bunny and a snake (not together). So indulge in the cuteness. Lose yourself in the furries. Cuddle up to something animalistic with this big-hearted, pet-loving crew.



1. Miley Cyrus with her pig Bubba Sue and one of her dogs, Emu


2. Jennifer Hudson and her dogs Oscar, Grammy and Dreamgirl



3. Ice-T and his dogs, Spartacus and Maximus



4. Courtney Love and her dog Sugar



5. Nancy Wilson and one of her dogs, Jet



6. Barbra Striesand and her dog Samantha



7. Madonna and her horse



8. Mariah Carey and one of her Jack Russells, The Good Reverend Pow Jackson



9. Shania Twain and her puppy Roady



10. Britney Spears and her dog Hannah



11. Josh Groban and his dog Sweeney



12. Sheryl Crow and her horse



13. Carrie Underwood and her dog Penny



14. Miranda Lambert and her horse Ellie



15. Kelly Clarkson and her dog Security


16. Iggy Azalea and her dog Jelli



17. John Legend and his dog Penny



18. Slash’s snake Sam



19. Ariana Grande and her dog Coco



20. Lady Gaga and her French bulldog Asia



 21. Taylor Swift and her cat Olivia Benson



22. Rita Ora and her cat Bruno


23. Lea Michele and her cat Pearl



24. Jack Antonoff of fun. with his girlfriend Lena Dunham’s dog, Lamb



25. Dustin Lynch and his dog Brinkley



26. Enrique Iglesias and his dog Jack



27. Ed Sheeran and his cat Graham



28. Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush and his pig Yuma



29. Ciara and her dog Georgia



30. Nikki Sixx and his dog Leica



31. Jason Mraz and his cat Tom



32. Macklemore and his cat Cairo



33. Avicii and his dog Oliver



34. Gabriel Saporta and one of his dogs



35. Matt Nathanson and his cat Rufus



36. Nick Jonas and his dog Elvis



37. Miguel and his cat Munch



38. Deadmau5 and his cat Meowingtons



39. Travis Barker and one of his brand new puppies Frenchie


40. Kesha and her cat Peppers



41. Cee Lo Green and his dogs



42. Ozzy Osbourne and his puppies



43. Tom Delonge and his dog King Henry



44. Bruce Springsteen and one of his horses



45. Big Boi with one of his dogs, Chopper



46. Aimee Mann and her cat Goose



47. Kate Nash and her bunny Fluffy



48. Jessie Ware and her dog Disco



49. Zooey Deschanel and her dogs Dot and Zelda



50. Justin Bieber and OG Mally the monkey (now separated)



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