NBA Fines Toronto Raptors $25,000 Because Drake Urged Kevin Durant to Sign with Them at OVO Fest

By Ezra Marcus

Sports fans want to win. Ritual lucky hats and taunts from the bleachers are evidence that many people feel a weird sense of responsibility for their team’s outcome, a belief that they can affect the game.

Completely delusional, right? Not according to the NBA, which fined the Toronto Raptors $25,000 because of comments Drake made at OVO Fest last week, according to XXL.

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In the clip below he urges Kevin Durant, who was in attendance, to sign with the Raptors, and encourages the crowd to cheer their approval.

According to the NBA, his behavior violates an anti-meddling clause, for which the Raptors are financially responsible.

This raises several intriguing questions. Namely, who is and isn’t allowed to try and affect the outcome from the sidelines? If a random person creates a shrine in their room and pray for Carmelo Anthony to grow wings, does that constitute meddling? What’s the difference if they’re a famous rapper performing for thousands of people? Where’s the fame cutoff? How can sports teams be expected to control what rappers do?


And, most crucially, what’s the league’s official stance on the Based God’s curse? NBA, we demand answers.

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