Lupe Fiasco & ‘King of Ratchetness’ Ty Dolla $ign Feature in ‘Next to It’ Video: Watch

By Courtney E. Smith

It seems we’ve come to the ratchet zone in Lupe Fiasco’s upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth.

And so Fiasco teams with Ty Dolla $ign, who he told MTV was “the King of Ratchetness, and also my homie, and an amazing musician and artist.”

What do you get from Fiasco when you put a Dolla $ign next to it? A video that’s not of his typical aesthetics.

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“Next to It” puts the guys and their cast of many next to a white background. A visual play on the lyrics comes in with solo shots of random objects — a toilet, a pink flamingo, a barbeque grill — that are placed alone in the shot, moved along by super quick edits. They mean nothing alone and Fiasco dives in, rapping, “Money ain’t s–t when there’s wealth next to it / Wealth ain’t s–t when there’s health next to it.”

The everyday objects are given value by the crowd bidding on them when some Price is Right inspired models step on the set to accentuate them.

It’s a simple concept, but effective and surprisingly high brow for ratchet.

“Next to It” is off Tetsuo & Youth, purportedly out this month.


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