Paul McCartney Wrote the Score for ‘Destiny,’ a First-Person Shooter Video Game

By Ezra Marcus

You can still see a living Beatle perform in 2014. Think about that. For people my age the Beatles occupy the past in the same way as, like, Genghis Khan, or the Parthenon. These things happened before we were born, they changed everything, and we worship them.

But two Beatles are still kicking around, and, as living things often do, still creating content.

Paul McCartney has announced that he’ll be providing the score to a new video game, the upcoming Destiny from Bungie and Activision, according to Consequence of Sound.

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A first-person shooter, no less: picture yourself looking down the barrel of a futuristic assault rifle and going absolutely nuts with the headshots while listening to the soothing voice — or, perhaps, at least the bass — of the man who once sang, “take these broken wings and learn to fly.” 

McCartney has reportedly been working on the score since 2010. He also wrote the game’s theme song, recorded by 120-strong orchestra, which will be released as a single on Sept. 9.

Snippets of the score can be found in the below beta video for the game’s gameplay.


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