Wu-Tang Clan Share the Full Version Of ‘Ron O’Neal’: Listen

By Ezra Marcus

Last night all nine living members of the Wu-Tang Clan appeared on The Daily Show to perform a new song, “Ron O’Neal.”

Now, RZA has shared the studio version, and it more than lives up to expectations.

The song, the first cut from their upcoming album A Better Tomorrow, takes its name from the actor who played Youngblood Priest in the Blaxploitation classic Super Fly. Judging by the live percussion, buttery horns, and lush R&B hook, the sound of that era is on RZA’s mind.

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Verses from Method Man, Ghostface Killah and RZA himself round out the equation.

Ghostface hasn’t lost any of his attention to the nitty-gritty details of street violence: “A few staircase murders, some burners don’t blam right / Guns that peek around the wall, you better stand tight /AKs, wylin’ in lobbies / Bulletproof PJ’s / F*** around and get spun like a DJ.”

 “I think we’ve been so blessed to have the same job for the past 21 years and not hurt nobody doing it,” Method Man said about the reunion on The Daily Show. “As soon as we came together for one common cause, we knew that what we were doing was something different and something great. And it showed and proved in the end.”

If “Ron O’Neal” is any indication the end is nowhere in sight.

A Better Tomorrow is due out later this year.

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